Why do I need Errors and Omissions insurance to contract with certain insurance companies?

An E&O policy provides protection against claims arising out of errors, acts, or omissions of the insurance agent or any other covered person for whom the insured agent is legally liable in the rendering of, or failing to render professional services for others in the capacity as an insurance agent.


Many Insurance Carriers including Americo, Assurity, Empire General, Indianapolis Life, Mutual of Omaha, Old Mutual Life, PanAmerican and West Coast Life require that you have E&O insurance in order to get appointed. This list changes from time to time so feel free to give us a call is you have any questions regarding E&O requirements. Some carriers are flexible enough to allow you to obtain E&O at the time of contracting if you do not have it currently.


TITUS highly recommends having E&O insurance due to the fact that one out of seven insurance agents have an E&O claim each year.


More than that ... it seems these days that insurance agents E&O coverage is a necessity with rampant frivolous lawsuits. Policies for individual insurance agents as well as Group Sponsored policies are available, offering broad coverage to both Life Insurance Agents.



How do I get E&O insurance?


E&O insurance is offered through several carriers. One that our agents frequently use is:


Here are two sign up forms and a highlights sheet for the CalSurance Insurance Agent E&O Program.



      Enrollment form         Checking Authorization       Program Highlights


For questions the Customer Care number at CalSurance is: 800-745-7189.

If you still don't appreciate the importance of E&O Insurance ... here is a link

for more information about CalSurance's E&O Program.

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